Candle Lake Volunteers do so much ... 


If you want to give a shout out to the many people in the community that are doing something that you feel should be recognized please contact
Michelle Lozej at
so that we can get a little story together and some pictures together. 

Candle Lake has Great Volunteers

Candle Lake at one time contributed nominations of our citizens to the North Centreal Recerational Regional Association who had done exceptional volunteer work locally as well as having an impact on a provincial or national level.  In 2000 Lucille Lang was nominiated, in 2003 Dennis Chamberlain was nominated and in 2008 Joan Sajtos and Wayne Rocheleau were nominiated regionally.

Parks and Rec. of Candle Lake insituted a yearly Volunteer Award for past and continued volunteer work more locally in a range of community organizations to be given out July 1st replacing the regional award.  This award was given in 2007 to Dale McLeod, in 2008 to Terry Reed, In 2009 to Wayne Rocheleau, in 2010 to Joan and Bob Sajtos, in 2011 to Val and Clarence Buckoski, in 2012 to Jean and Gerald Kopperud, in 2013 to Allie Callaghan, in 2014 to Doris and Ed Horn, in 2015 to Valerie and Dale Manton, in 2016 to Patty Matkowski and in 2017 to Michelle Lozej and in 2018 to Dick Iverson

Congratulations to all past deserving winners of the award and with continued nominiations to recogize the volunteers among us the list will continue to grow.

Student Volunteer Award (see attached)

List of Previous Winners of the Youth Volunteer Award

2015 - Chantelle Matkowski

2016 -  Ali Cole Johnson

2017 - Zoe Carrier

2018 - No Applicants Nominated



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