Volunteer Appreciation Day


The Resort Village of Candle Lake hosted a volunteer appreciation BBQ on September 10,2013 to acknowledge the following groups for their outstanding work and support in helping to make Candle Lake a wonderful place to live and visit each year!!  If if wasn't for these great people that dedicate their time and energy to the many projects that we see as we go about our daily routines we would be missing out. 
Thanks again from the Candle Lake Resort Village Mayor and Council! 


Seniors Club                                     

First Responders                             

Parks and Recreation

Communities in Bloom

Candle Lake Health Committee

Candle Lake Curling Club

Citizens on Patrol

Candle Lake Chamber of Commerce

Candle Lake Water Shed Authority

Volunteer Library

Candle Lake Walking Trails

Candle Lake Sno'Drifters

Candle Lake Fire Department


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