The Resort Village Of Candle Lake Where family and friends meet


Sunset at Waskateena Beach

Fisher Frosty

Winter frost on the trees


Sunset at Candle Lake

Birch on the Beach

birch tree on beach

Dad and I

Canoe on Candle

Mino Winter

Winter at Minowuka

Telwin Spring Break

spring thaw

Winter Willows II

willow tree in the winter


moose in the bush

Eyes on You


Purple Paddlers on Candle

Paddling on the lake



Bay Lake Morn

sunrise Bay Lake

Lakeside Lakeshore

sunrise on lakeside

That's my Baby

Eagle protecting her nest

Wolf on the attack

Photo taken by John Quinn, the Mayor of Candle Lake just outside

Windy Day At Candle Lake

The after math of the wind storm

The Sentry

Photo submitted by John Quinn

Waskateena at sunset

Photo submitted by John Quinn

Enjoying the Trails

Photo submitted by Michelle Lozej. Group of Sno'Drifters

Candle Lake Sunset

Phot submitted by John Quinn.