The Resort Village Of Candle Lake 

The Resort Village of Candle Lake is a great destination for vacationing, seasonal resort living or a community to call home so whether staying with us for a short time or long time enjoy your time with us here.

Candle Lake has a year round population of over 700 and approximately 1600 residential properties, over 500 seasonal recreational vehicle sites and 300 provincial park sites so our population can change radically during the seasons.

Candle Lake is proud to have a dedicated team of Volunteer Fire and First Responders Group, a Parks and Recreation Board, a Communities in Bloom Committee, and a Health Committee to help make this a healthy and safe community to visit and live in.

We have many active organizations including a community church, a curling rink, a seniors club and a snowmobile club who all help to make this a a fun filled community that sponsors activities for all ages.

A special Thank you to Dennis Chamberlain who has provided us the beautiful pictures that you see on our website. Check his work out at Timberland Gallery!!

There have been numerous request to have the link for the newsletter on the main page for ease of access please follow the directions below to access the current month's newletter. The current month will be listed below while previous month's will be archived on the SERVICES heading under the Parks and Recreation tab. Hope that many find this way easier to access the newsletter.

ATV's At Candle Lake - Below are pictures of recent damage caused to Candle Lake Roads by ATVs.  Don't let your actions be the reason ATVs are banned from Candle Lake.  Pic 1Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4

November 13, 2015 Meeting Agenda

Bylaw 10-2015 Zoning Bylaw Amendment (Postponed)

Public Notice - Discretionary Use - Clearsands Marina (Postponed)

Carrying Capacity Study prepared by Urban Systems

Click on the links below to access the Newsletter/Financials:

Budget 2015

 Parks and Rec Newsletter December (click here)

General Office Services Fees Policy - July 2014

Five Year Graded Residential Tax Incentive Policy

Residential Tax Incentive Resolution to extend for 2015 Year

Five Year Graded Industrial Tax Incentive Policy

Industrial Tax Incentive Resolution to extend for 2015 Year

2014 Consolidated Financial Statement (Click Here)

HEALTH CLINIC NEW HOURS - 8:30 - 4 (closed 12-1 for lunch)                   

(December Health Clinic Hours)


 Scheduled Council meetings commence at 9 a.m.

2015 Schedule of Council Meetings: January, at the call of the Chair with 24 hour notice to the public and a budget meeting January 30th, February 6, March 13, April 10, May 08, June 12, July 10, July 24, August 14, August 28, September 11, October 09, November 13, December 11, 2015.

Candle Lake Official Community Plan (OCP) which replaced the Basic Planning Statement October 29, 2014.  The Zoning Bylaw 02/2002 is still in effect and does not contravene the policies of the OCP until such time as new zoning bylaw can be introduced.






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